Sustainable Seafood: what should this mermaid eat?


I have retyped and reworked this opening sentence about fifty times in an effort to maintain my blogs happy, positive attitude however I also have always said that I will also write truthfully and authentically. SO, in light of that I am not going to sugarcoat it – our oceans are in big trouble. There, I said it how it is.

The way that we are fishing and consuming is not sustainable and if we don’t all make changes (remember demand drives supply) then we are heading towards a fish-less ocean. For reals.  (more…)

The Happiness Stifle: Are you sabotaging yourself?


Last week I woke up with an extra pep in my step. I leapt out of bed, smiled at my reflection, gave my husband an extra pinch on the bum and virtually chest bumped any stranger that’s gaze lingered with mine for more than… oh, a second!

I was goddamn chipper. If I had a theme song it would be I’m walking on sunshine.

And then I saw a link on Facebook that sucked me in. It sucked me in good and even though I knew that I was going to feel bad for reading it I just… couldn’t… help… myself. A self-fulfilling prophecy; I felt crap after reading it. I then schlumped around the house for a few minutes and considered letting this niggle of insecurity get down into my bones.

But just as quickly, I reminded myself – happiness is a choice. It really is. So instead of wallowing, I sat down and wrote a newsletter to my beautiful good vibes tribe about what had happened; the sunshine mood, the link, the schlump and the rebellion.

And wow. The response has been so beautiful. You guys got fired up about this one. You’d had the same experience. You didn’t even realise that you were stifling yourselves. So – considering the flood of “hell yeahs” that it garnered – I thought I would rework it and post it here to share with everyone. (more…)

The Loneliness of Motherhood (and how to survive it!)


So motherhood – in all its joy – can occasionally push you to the outer barriers of your sanity. Today was one of those days for me. Lonely, isolated and strung out. Caps lock on.

Before I go on though I must admit that this solitude was slightly self-induced.

When we first moved into our new home my husband and I decided (more…)

Can You Eat Meat And Still Be An Earth-Lovin’ Flowerchild?


When I was vegan I declared (on more than one occasion) that you could not genuinely care about the environment if you consumed animal products. Yep. I was that guy. I would say that I was up on my high horse – but I was vegan and I didn’t believe that a horse should be ridden.

But as they say, time is the greatest teacher and eventually – as I mentioned here – I figured out that the vegan way of eating didn’t actually suit everyone. Sadder yet, it didn’t suit me. For some – like Kris Carr and Amanda Rootsey - veganism gives them lustrous locks, boundless energy and glowing skin. They are amazing examples and if that diet suits you and helps you thrive, all the power to you. Amazing. For me however I got brittle breaking hair, sallow skin and a demeanour akin to Alf Stewart.

For all the lentils and all the greens…. veganism simply didn’t work for me.

While I don’t dig labels, I now follow a Paleo way of life. I eat grassfed meat, wild-caught fish, avoid grains, love fat and (try to) consume dairy sparingly. All of a sudden my body has started speaking my language again. And it’s speaking to me in Italian. By which I mean the language of love.

But when I first made the switch I had major issues shaking the feeling that this way of eating was wrong; environmentally, economically and just in the sense that I am a human that loves cuddling animals. In my mind ethical meat eating did not exist and going back on my word felt deeply uncomfortable. I wrestled with it for months. More and more these days though I am noticing that I am not the only one. One of my life idols Tara Bliss wrote about her worry about coming out of hte meat-free closet here recently, as did another life idol Jess Ainscough here.

There are these feelings of resistance attached to these dietary labels. We are considering basic biology a choice; as if we can choose willy-nilly whether eat certain things that are bodies call out for. Sadly, our bodies don’t work like that. I felt so proud about my veganism. I was proud not to eat animals. It made me feel like a better human. I went through a massive inner conflict reconciling the fact that my body was yelling at me – loud and clear. But I have come out the other side in tact and okay. (more…)

Make Like A Wookie And Chew!

wookie cookie chewie

The next time that you sit down to dinner I would love it if you could do one simple thing.

Pay attention to how many times you chew each mouthful before you swallow it.

Told you it was simple.

Back when I was first studying I was inspired by the seriously funny Andrea Beaman (a fellow IINer) to give this a go – even though it seemed a little stupid. I was shocked when I took a mental step back and observed. I ate very similarly to my Pug. My Pug, dear fellow that he is, has basically no teeth. And he is a total guts. Which means he gets himself unbelievably worked up about a meal, tries to guzzle it down as quickly as possible and proceeds to choke. I then have to spend a good ten minutes patting him on the back as he vomits. Not the most functional animal, that one.

And while I was not quite at the choke-and-vomit level I was definitely not chewing as well as I should be. It is an easy predicament to get into; we are all constantly in a rush whether we are running out the door, trying to shove an extra mouthful in before tiny hands grab your plate or trying to schedule food in like its a chore. We have forgotten that chewing is actually a bloody important step in the whole digestion thang. As a society we have a mastication deficiency.

When we don’t chew properly we cause indigestion and contribute to weight gain or – in the very least – stall weight loss. It also stops us being able to absorb as many nutrients from our food. We are doing ourselves a disservice, I tells ya!  (more…)

How IIN Changed My Life (and how to become a health coach)


One year ago I signed up to study with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) having absolutely no idea the extreme excavation my life was about to undergo.

While there are a million online nutrition courses floating around the interwebs IIN was the one that just kept catching my eye. For one thing, a lot of my wellness heroes had completed the course; Sarah WilsonJessica Ainscough, Pete Evans and Melissa Ambrosini to name a few. So I started googling a bit more and digging a bit deeper. On every search I would unearth another gem and my gut feeling nagged me more.

In hindsight, I knew right from that get-go that this was the course for me but I kept dismissing the notion. Since completing my studies I have learnt to really hone in on these feelings (aka intuition) because if you are feeling something so strongly – it generally means something. For me though I was nervous. I kept nestling in to the ‘logical reasons’ to avoid signing up. Resistance (which I just wrote about over here) was trying to keep me in my safe, small world.

It’s a long shot but I am going to take a guess that you may have clicked on this link because you may have had the same feeling as well? You have no idea why, but you are being pulled to this course. I know at least some of you are feeling that way because I receive emails every week asking about my experience or just how I got to where I am. So I decided to put it all into one comprehensive post because (romance aside) as a mumpreneur I need to save time where I bloody well can!

The keynote lecture in module one was by a fellow named Joshua Rosenthal – the founder of IIN. Whether you study with IIN or not, you should get to know this fellow. He is a funny, inspirational leader in the health and wellness field and his quirky personality makes the delivery of such subjects easily devourable. In his first lecture he said “I don’t know what seems to happen to our students over this year but life just seems to get better. They have a transformation”.

I didn’t really believe him at the time but safe to say it has been a truth for me and a lot of my alumni pals.  (more…)

How To Overcome Resistance: Mermaids, Doubts and Dory


The other day, in the midst of a rather awkward exchange between a little girl, I found myself asking the ubiquitous “so… what do you want to be when you grow up?” question.

I kicked myself in the foot, decided that I was officially old, and then listened with scepticism as she replied – “I am going to be a mermaid”.

“Ah, sweet, foolish, un-creased youth” I thought. “No. No you are not”

But as soon as I thought it, the inner spunk that I had been stifling so oppressively over these past few months…. she jumped right up and gave me a roundhouse kick to the back of the neck.

“Em?” She piped up. “Don’t you have a mermaid on your vision board”

Dammit. You know what? I totally do. Her name is Hannah Mermaid and she is a real-life person that lives in LA and has made her career as an official mermaid and ocean activist. She – like me – dreamed of Daryl Hannah’s Madison from Splash. She – unlike me – made herself a tail out of coat-hangers and is now an in-demand mermaid that appears in children’s books and movies and swims in the cove of Taiji saving dolphins. #girlcrush

Before you start rightfully wondering what I am on about and if this post is my premature announcement of my retirement as a health coach to go and swim topless in the ocean – no, of course not. This post is all about my epiphany. The epiphany in which I realised that ‘resistance’ is a thing that plagues us all through our lives. Whether we are kids believing that we can’t be mermaids because we don’t have tails, or astronauts because there aren’t many or vets because we aren’t good at maths. Or you are an adult doubting your new career path, commitment to a cause or relationships.

(P.S. if you did indeed fulfil your childhood dream to become a time-travelling-surgeon-unicorn- ninja-accountant then chest bump. Right here buddy! You’re ahead of the curveball)

Resistance is a fear of success and a fear of success is much more dangerous than a fear of failure. [click to tweet(more…)

Lessons About Sustainable Living At The Food Theatre


When I was invited to attend the “Food Theatre” I had absolutely no idea what to expect. What, the salsa salsa’s? Bad jokes aside though,  as soon as I entered into the Perth Zoo grounds at dusk all of my questions floated off into the impressive canopy of Jacaranda’s above and I stopped caring. Whatever the hell food theatre was, I knew it was going to be fabulous!

Turns out food theatre is a progressive new way of creating inspiring, transformative conversations. And tonight’s conversation just so happened to be about two of my favorite subjects – food and sustainability! The way food is produced, consumed, handled and recycled and the part we all play in this cycle. How we can help affect change and take back the power – and believe me, we need to! And how to take those first tenuous steps into a resourceful and (at least partially) self-sustaining existence. And all of this done while the attendee’s got to eat amazing local fare cooked by some of WA’s best cooks.  (more…)

Create An Inspiring Office Space

emily ehlers_feng shui your desk_desk from door

The other day, Boogie – AKA The Destroyer – went all seventies punk rocker on my office. She totally Sid Vicious’ed it. I had hoped she would tire eventually (she didn’t) and in the end my office was trashed.

With deadlines looming and a hooligan toddler to wrangle I had no time to spare on cleaning. So I tried to forge ahead.

In terms of work that day was… how do I put this gently?.. F***ed! I was a mess. I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t write to save my life.

My poor unsuspecting gal pal decided to visit to give me some support and was met with a wild-eyed shadow of her former friend. I ushered her into my office for some help on a project and she took one look at it and got her Confucius face on;

“Em, no wonder you are scattered. Remember, your outer world reflects your inner world”

The airiness of the statement made me bristle at first but then resign myself to thousands-year old wisdom. Dammit. There is no denying it. It got me thinking. I needed to seriously organise my outer world in the hope that clarity on either side of the worlds lends to the other. I needed to create an inspiring office space that would help me create inspiring content. (more…)

Feng Shui is Awesome (and how to feng shui your desk!)

emily ehlers_feng shui your desk_entire desk

Guys, I have fallen in love. It is that sudden, engulfing love that has taken over my thoughts. The lover in question is older than me, mysterious, exotic, super in tune with his emotions and is very attractive. For the purpose of anonymity we shall call him, Mr Feng Shui.

It started like any other cheesy romance novel. Obviously there was the initial attraction between us – he was drawn to my catastrophically messy home and I to his clarity-inducing purposefulness. Alas, we had never really got the time to get to know each other. But then we kept bumping into each other; a blog post here, a conversation there and then finally I saw him sitting alone in a book-store. So I plucked up the courage and decided to grab him and go for coffee.

I sat there looking over the pages and for every word I read I knew I was getting in deep. We moved in together almost immediately, married, babies, yada yada you know the drill. I now intend to grow old with my new partner. Don’t worry – Mark is totes okay with it.  (more…)

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