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Valentines Day is coming up and I am super excited about it. Seriously, what’s not to love? It is a day dedicated to love and gratitude and the outright enjoyment of life and the people you share it with. And nooky. But while romance is glorious and all, I did get hit with a lightning bolt realisation the other day while coaching one of my gorgeous gals;

Most women in today’s society have a self-love deficiency.

We are too busy / tired / embarrassed / *insert excuse* to take time out and really pamper the hell out of ourselves. To stop and think about nothing but right now. To think about no one but yourself.

Let’s change that shall we? I put my thinking cap on and wrote down exactly what I like to do when I am wanting to show myself a bit of love. Those favourite things that give me a bit of a cuddle when I am in an indulgent mood, or I am feeling overwhelmed. The things that restore balance. The love letters to me, from me.

And so I created this Self-Love Hamper a’la Emily Ehlers worth over $230!


One lucky bugger wins…

  • A Personalized Affirmation Illustration by yours truly + a 15 minute Skype call to discuss your artwork ($87.00) || Your very own artwork! I want to work with you to create a beautiful customized piece. We can discuss the feel, the colours, the pose, the girl and choose you favourite affirmation. (Hot tip: This is also a little bit of a sneaky peak at an exciting range of products I am developing for later in the year – stay tuned)
  • Eat Yourself Beautiful: Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes ($34.99) || Everybody loves to window shop recipes right? It is one of my ultimate indulgences on a lazy afternoon and this book has become an instant hit. Full of delicious and truly clean recipes and information to boot. Winner winner, (organic pasture-raised) chicken dinner!
  • Australian Bushflower Essences Meditation Essence  ($14.95) || Would it be dramatic to say I can’t live without this stuff? These Bushflower Essences are an everyday staple in my house. This one especially – a few drops under my tongue and my meditation takes on a whole new level.
  • Renegade Collective Issue 6 ($9.95) || My fave magazine to curl up with. If you haven’t already discovered it, you need this mag in your life. You can thank me later.  
  • Pukka Organic Tea of the Love variety ($7.95) || Rose, lavender, chamomile… I am blissed out just thinking about this. Extra points if you put it in your favorite vintage teacup with saucer!
  • Corrynnes Natural Soaps in Orange Blossom Beach and Orange + Rose Geranium ($7.00) || These are not edible. I repeat: these are not edible. 
  • Kikki K Live Laugh Love Soy Candle ($29.95) While you’ve got your face mask on and your zenned out in your bath, this 30-hour candle is going to really set the mood. A divine aroma and made of stuff that doesn’t hurt the planet! 
  • Shine Bright Like A Diamond Notepad ($10.95) || After your bath, why not get a spot of journalling in! (If you aren’t sure where to start, check out my post about How To Journal Like A Boss here
  • 2B Lead Pencil ($0.45 – or priceless?) || 2B or not to be – it’s not even a question! If you want to get your artiste on while you are journalling then you can’t go past this trusty grade of pencil. 
  • Glass Mug with Lid ($6.95) || This little guy is the perfect green smoothie on the go vessel! I will blend up my smoothies the night before and keep them in the fridge – it’s airtight so your nutrients are protected – and is that quick go to bit of nourishment. This being said, while you are indulging, it could also house a beautiful almond milk chai and be just as lovely.
  • E-String Bag in Hot Pink Organic Cotton ($3.50) || Mother Nature doesn’t get enough love either so lets send one of these super handy totes your way too. You will be seriously amazed at how much these things can hold! 


How Do I Win It?  

To enter the competition all you need to do is leave a comment below telling me;

How are you going to show yourself a little kindness this year and why?

Me? I am going to move my body every day this year because it boosts my energy and makes me feel amazing!

Easy peasy.


The Deets

The giveaway will be drawn at 8am WST on Valentines Day – that’s 14th February for the fella’s! So you have one week to submit your comment before the lucky winner is chosen using random.org. The winner will be announced on my Facebook page and in my weekly newsletter so make sure you are on the list!

Sign up for my weekly love letters here so you don’t miss the announcement (and you will also receive a free copy of my 40-page workbook Illuminate; A Workbook to Inspire and Ignite)

While we are on the subject of love, please make sure you share this competition with your friends, family or any females you know that need a little love in their life.

I cannot wait to read all your comments. Good luck gorgeous people!

COMPETITION CLOSED 14TH FEBRUARY 2014; Winner selected by random.org was Che Johnson with this answer;

“I’ll be taking myself on two overseas holidays!!! I’m treating myself to this kindness because I deserve it .. and because being away from home fills me with so much gratitude for the wonderful country that I live in and life that I live. XX


Congratulations and Happy Valentines Day Che!


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  • This year I will become a mum for the first time! I’ve always struggled with having ‘me’ time, finding the balance between looking after others and looking after myself. My husband and I have left notes around the house reminding me to take it easy, or asking questions like do I feel like a bath, or sitting down with a good book. We’re going to continue this when bubs is here and I will have nominted time each week where my husband is going to take over looking after bub so that I can have a bath, or do some yoga, or read, whatever I feel I need for ‘me’.

  • I’m going to practice yoga and meditation everyday as it leaves me feeling calm, clears my mind and best of all allows me to have 30-45 minutes for myself a day!

  • I am going to take time out every day to nourish my mind, body and soul with meditation + yoga to show my body the love and care it so rightfuly needs xx

  • There are so many ways that I’ll be showing myself more kindness this year because I’ve neglected to do so and it’s getting caught up in my chest. This year, I’m focusing on saying no to others and more to myself: first stop, working through fears and being open to vulnerability, learning to breathe and meditate, and joining photography, bushwalking and social action groups to enhance my creativity and passion for positive social change. It’s all about creating the environment for creative “flow” this year to make my personal brand, business, life, and world around me grow and grow. I’m learning to create a “Julie Mantra” this year and I’m doing it because I’ll continue feeling like crap if I don’t. There’s surely a good quote to insert here, let’s try: “She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.” – Charles Bukowski. Yep, ‘nough for now. Happy Valentines Day!

  • This valentines day i’m going to show myself some love by nourishing my body with good, nutritious, whole foods. I’m going to be kind to myself-I have such high expectations, and sometimes I am so negative about what I haven’t achieved-So instead, i’m going to be focusing on all the amazing things I have done. I’m also going to worship my body and move it doing yoga, meditating and taking good care of it!

  • I am going to show a little kindness to myself in 2014 by going on a tropical holiday and by giving back to a great cause, working as a volunteer in the mountains of Thailand looking after rescued elephants.

  • This year I can going to continue my quest to learn who the true me is. And as I learn I am going to embrace and love all parts of me and radiate that self love. In 2014 I am free to be me! E x

  • I am going to be kind to myself by forgiving myself for my mistakes and accepting my ‘imperfections’ because perfection doesn’t exist, and I am perfect just the way I am. I am going to be kind to myself when I lapse into self-hate cycles and be patient with myself, for that’s what I would do with others. I am going to be kind to myself because I deserve kindness, and I deserve to be loved.

  • This year I am going to learn to love me again. After releasing myself of toxic relationships it’s now the year for me and my baby boy to shine! There’s going to be more love, play and good healthy food in our house than ever before!

  • I am going to show myself kindness by appreciating my body not for how it looks but for what it does. I have been so caught up in the size of my belly, that I take it (and the rest of my body) for granted. It does so much for me! I can run, walk, smell, taste, touch, dance, laugh, cry, play, sing, and so much more. It is so draining to focus on my weight and looks, so I will choose gratitude instead!

  • This year I am honoring and loving myself by doing more craft for fun! As the year ticked over i grew my collection of craft supplies and now i spend heaps of time colouring, drawing, creating and it all has nothing to do with my deadlines, challenges and upcoming to dos! X

  • This year I’m going to do things that I love, I’m going to make a list of things I love about myself and then I’m going to do more of what I love! ??

  • I’m going to acknowledge one thing each day that makes me happy. Whether it’s something big, or as small as a perfectly cracked egg (which I can never do!), because I often sweep past the little things in the mad rush that is life and forget to be happy. x

  • I have just recently started reading up about being introverted and how is need time alone to recharge my batteries. This has been a problem for me because I have three year old twins and never get any quiet time. This year I am focusing on making more time for me to recharge so that I can be more present with my kids. This package would be amazing! Much love xox

  • This year Im going to listen to my heart and not second guess myself. I believe we are all intuitively guided but the noise outside is sometimes too loud to hear the loving wisdom within us. If I feel like slowing down to smell the roses (do some yoga, meditation or breathe!) I will. If I feel l like recharging my batteries by spending some time in nature I will. If I feel like eating something yummy and nourishing I will. If I feel like sitting down with my fave herbal tea (with antique cup and saucer!) and a wonderful book I will! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift Emily. God bless you! Lots of love xxx

  • In 2014 I decided to be kind to myself in a different way. I decided that in 2014 I was going to compliment at least one person every day for the entire year. That’s 365+ compliments this year, 365+ people who’s day I will be making a little bit better, that’s 365+ people who will shine a little brighter, 365+ people who will smile their days worries away. How is this being kind to myself you may ask? Well I feel absolutely fabulous when I compliment others. It uplifts my self-esteem and energy, and it uplifts theirs, it’s as simple as that really. Looking after myself doesn’t have to start and end with “me”, that’s only where it begins. So far 2014 has been fantastic, and I just know it’s going to get better.

  • In 2014 I decided to end a 7 year relationship that has been my safety net since I was a young girl. This will lead to new discoveries of self love, new friendships and a new and improved life without a safety net *the possibilities are endless*. This new chapter includes a masters, a career path and a girls trip to Europe. If there is a more self loving avenue than travel, knowledge and friendship… I haven’t found it (says the naive 21 year old).

  • I’m going to let myself return to university to complete my dream degree. After finishing one degree and then working full time it’s hard to not feel guilty dropping back down to no pay and little life to return to university again. I am allowing myself to follow my passion for psychology and not to stress about money.
    It may sound small but I’m so glad I made that choice.

  • I have recently attended a kiki K organisation workshop so that this year i can focus on decluttering my life so i can spend more on the things that matter. I am also planning on starting a happiness journal and vision board so i can rediscover what makes me tick and gets me inspired!

  • I have been working towards being kinder to myself and improving my sense of well-being and in turn happiness through getting physical – recently joining a gym, reading more and being social by joining a book club and most importantly just taking time out to relax and accept things I cannot control. Time to focus on me!

  • More of these things:

    Look at pictures of tea-cup pigs
    Eat more bacon
    Spontaneous 1 minute dance parties
    Friday afternoon drinks
    Be generous and kind
    Convince Harry Styles to marry me (…It’s totally possible)
    Call my mother more
    Ride bikes at night when every one else is sleeping
    Random acts of kindness (eg: doing house mates washing or paying for a strangers coffee)
    Sing in the shower
    “Treat Yo’ Self” (If you haven’t watched ‘Parks & Recreation’ yet, do it… Seriously, do it.)
    Buy new bed sheets
    Play scrabble
    Butt loads of exercise

    Real Simple 🙂

  • This year I am going to get rid of the negative self talk and unrealistic expectations of myself. Instead I will practice self love through affirmations and soul nourishing activities that light my heart up.

  • To stop the guilt!!! Since becoming a mum I’ve struggled with the guilt of doing things for ‘me’ my youngest turns 2 this month and this year I’m focussing on more exercise, a little ‘me’ time each week and being the mum I always thought I would be, instead of being the stressful mummy that always has housework and my own business things to do. Bring on 2014
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  • This year I’m taking care of myself by dedicating myself to monthly massages (already booked the first 6 months of the year) and 3 monthly chiropractic treatments. And I’ve promised myself osteopathic treatment whenever I need it (I am desk bound so this is necessary, but something I don’t do often enough!)

    Otherwise I am INDULGING. Sunday Spa days. Regular yoga and weights (less indulgent – more just feeling awesome afterwards!). Hot chocolates on the sofa with my honey on grim grey days, instead of trying to do-do-do. Throwing myself into design work instead of worrying about how good it is. Making things that make me happy. Crocheting and knitting all the things! Decorating our home in bright colours. Only doing things that make me smile. Well, and the washing up too 😉

  • I’m going to spend 2014 doing loads of positive self affirmations, yoga, meditation & i have committed to working on my life holistically so I can have a kick ass, lady love, glass not just half full but overflowing with positivity & awesomeness. I’m also embracing my femininity & all it’s beautiful jiggly bits

  • This year I’m not going to put unnecessary pressures on myself. I will be 100% myself, act with love and kindness, eat for nourishment but not beat myself up if I have a treat, practice yoga and exercise but won’t get upset if I miss a day (or 2 or 3 even!), reach for my goals but not get upset if I have to settle temporarily, see friends and family but don’t pressure myself to every day or week, rest when I need, listen to my heart and my body, be the best possible version of myself simply but be 100% me.

  • For me, this year is “the year of exercise”. Last year was “the year of clean eating” and changing my diet to whole foods, cutting out dairy and increasing the amount of organic fruit and veg meant I felt great, but food isn’t the whole story – there’s only so much we can do for our health with diet alone. So this year the focus is moving my body. I’ve gone back to yoga, I’ve dusted off the bicycle, I’ve taken up early morning walks and I’m feeling better than ever. I don’t want to leave it until it’s too late – if I want to live the fullest life possible I need to look after myself now!
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  • My act of self love is all about filtering out all the toxic and negative relationships I hold onto in my life. I want to be around the sort of people who bring light into my world, cherish me for who I am and support me 100% By holding on to toxic friendships and relationships I’ve seen myself become extremely self destructive and it’s time for it to stop!
    Oh also, making sure I get into a good sleeping pattern! So my brain and body feel amazing and refreshed when I wake up every morning 🙂 xx

  • I am going to show myself kindness this year by giving up alcohol. It is a gift to me.. my body, my heart, my mind, soul and spirit! But it’s more than that. I’ll be raising funds for anti sex slavery in Cambodia. So in showing myself kindness, I will show kindness to those who need it most, and THAT will make my heart sing! Thanks Em x

  • This year I plan to continue on my journey of discovering nutritious, organic foods, exploring new places, resuming the practice of yoga and being present in the moment. I plan to continue to follow my goals to achieve health and well being on a daily basis.

  • Since being away (here in Boreno volunteering)ive realised that i dont really know who i am and this time has allowed me to think what i want for my life and the answer is to this to be the healthiest i can be, enjoy every moment life puts forward and give things a go. I want to live a happy and for filled life and that starts now.

  • This year I will love my self by allowing myself to be selfish. My motto this year is ‘In order to be selfless I must be selfish’. I am stopping the negative feelings around selfishness and allowing myself to follow my intuition and do what my body and soul is telling me.

  • This year I am going to show myself kindness by taking more time out for myself! I am a Registered Nurse and I am always caring for other people! This year I will allow myself to enjoy time out, massages, cups of tea, yoga, read books, sleep-ins, cooking yummy nutritious food, & spending time with my loved ones and friends!

  • What an ace collection of amazing brilliant things! Eee excited. I’ve already begun some self love this year after a tough year in 2013 and have developed a personal “to do” book for goals in every area of my life along with a list of 100 awesome things I’m going to do this year. Journalling/writing is one of the main things I want to focus on because I love it and it makes me feel good. Thanks for the chance Emily! xxx
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  • What a gorgeous loving collection you have there! This year I have committed to making Monday nights bath night. With essential oils and cold kombucha in a champagne glass! Because I am more open and loving to others when I am self loving! xx

  • I’m going to take it easier on myself by being content with the life I already have. Everyday I am finding three things that I am grateful for or that make me smile. Been doing it all year and feeling lighter and more loving for it!

  • One of my words this year is balance, and this includes looking after me more. Relaxing, reading, massages, self love and appreciation. Why ? Because I deserve it !

  • I’m going to be more mindful and spend more time with my thoughts so I can give my body what it needs. Both in fitness/nutrition and starting a quick morning yoga flow to get myself at peace and time to think about what i want from the day!

  • This year I’m focusing on finding inner peace and filling my self love cup. I’m spending the first few months learning about chakras, particularly the solar plexus, keeping it cleansed and energised with meditation, journaling and mood boards.

  • This year I’m going to be kind to myself the way I’m kind to my friends. Instead of always beating myself up and thinking the worst, I’m going to try to trust, listen, care and value myself. And loads of pilates!

  • I’m going to forgive myself for blaming my body for failing me when I was diagnosed with Lupus last year, and giving up on it. I’m nourishing it by heading back to the yoga mat and appreciating that poses I can still do and not judging myself for the ones I can no longer do, appreciating that I can still move and that I’m still “me”

  • This year, I am learning to listen to my body when eating…learning to stop when full and nourishing it with LOTS of good stuff. NO MORE DIETING!
    I have hit the yoga mat again, and I am learning to talk to myself nicer, kicking that mean girl to the curb. I cannot say I am perfect, but I am a LOT better in all aspects…which is awesome:)
    Thanks Emily xx

  • I want to show and owe myself kindness this year by respecting my body, listening to her, nourishing her with healthful foods, forgiving myself if I deviate from this path. I will surround myself with positive friendships and loved ones. I will treasure the time we spend together and also value each one’s health and be grateful for everyday that we are able to share, healthily, happily and joyously. I want to do this because it will make me happy 😀

  • I am going to love myself by being kind when I don’t meet all my expectations of myself, by loving myself no matter what . By honouring the beautiful person I am , and by following my heart and not what I think other would want me to do … Ahimsa the practise of non harm. This also means yourself. I am going to love me for all my imperfections that make me perfect.

  • What a lovely giveaway!
    I’m going to show myself a little bit of kindness and self-love this year by slowly breaking down the barriers I have put up around myself. This means connecting to myself, who I am and how I feel and not being afraid to show this to the world! Practicing presence and positivity, and cutting back on the perfectionism and negative self-talk. Celebrating who I am!

  • I am going to focus on letting go, healing, growing and improving myself for the better but ditching perfectionism. I will dedicate time every day for self care including movement, dry body brushing, massage, meditation, reading, journaling and positive thinking.

  • this year i am going to show myself some kindness by really listening to my body and giving it what it needs. Last year i set out on a “i’m going to be a healthier person” mission and while i learnt an awful lot of fantastic skills (queen of kombucha making over here) i forced myself into doing what i thought was right for my body and soul instead of listening to what it was telling me. unfortunately making myself a lot more stressed in the process, and very close to relapsing into old eating disorder habits. this year i am letting go, not obsessing about controlling everything and i’m eating chocolate if i feel like it! i am already happier than i have been in ages!

  • I am going to take myself out more on ‘Me Dates’. To cafes, to yoga classes, to parks etc. I’ve been spending so much time at home lately, focused on taking care of my partner who has depression, getting caught up in the negative energy and letting go of socialization to focus on my relationship. Now I’m going to embrace getting out of the house and spending some time on me, making new friends, going new places and just getting more out there in life again. x
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