About Me


Hi! I’m Emily Ehlers. I’m a writer, mum and eco-warrior who runs an online business as a Copywriter for conscious business and personal brands. When I’m not thinking about cheese I am usually pondering sustainability, self-care or creativity, and how they all overlap. Let’s face it though, I’m also probably wondering how the hell to balance All The Things and whether I’m completely nuts for trying. 

I’ve always believed in using your voice to say things that mattered. My mum said this became problematic when, at age 5, I realised that the chicken on farm was actually the same as chicken on plate and started announcing to anyone who would listen that that “my mum puts death in my lunchbox”.

However, it is also this rabble-rousing personality quirk that, 8 years ago, led me to start this very blog, which would change the trajectory of my life. I created an online home to share my green experiments in an effort to live lighter on the planet. Before long I was yabbering on local radio about living plastic-free and presenting at festivals on how to create communities of change-makers. I was even the Social Media Manager for a grassroots campaign that saw single-use plastic bags banned in Fremantle (only the second city in Australia to do so!). 

It didn’t take long to notice that there was an inextricable link between healthy humans and a happy planet (less packaging, less stuff, less busyness = Green Living 101), and a year later graduated as a certified health and life coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

I fell head-over-heels in love with the process of speaking about things that mattered to me – and was flabbergasted by the way it inspired me to live my life in a more meaningful way. I not only gravitated towards people who were doing the same – the ambitious, the artists, the activists – but wanted to help others who were looking for something. Whether that was community or their own projects.

Soon after I offered copywriting services and “Writing for Wellness” mentorship and now spend my days helping people find the time, space and sometimes literally the words to say what matters to them most (and create a life that reflects that too).

Since then my writing has been published in places like The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Oxfam, Nature & Health Magazine, Earth Events, Inspired Coach and I even popped up on Sarah Wilsons personal blog.

I live on Cottesloe beach in Western Australia (the bit with the sharks) in a run-down, loved-up cottage, furnished almost entirely with roadside finds. I share my life with my delightful family made up of; husband, daughter, two dogs and spunky cat. I also have a little boy in my belly; I didn’t eat him – it’s a room-share agreement and I plan on evicting him in May 2017.

If you want all the official stuff (professional bio, headshots etc) click here for my Media Page.



What I Write About

To me, writing is a dual experience of learning and teaching; a way of processing my experience as a woman trying to make her way in this strange world.So this website doesn’t so much have a niche – I talk business and babies, health and home, communication and caramel. It’s probably not the best marketing decision but I am a human first and foremost and this is my haven to share all sides of myself.

Here’s a taste-tester of the topics you’ll find here;  

Creativity tools and services to assist the crazy coconuts (you!) who believe their thoughts and ideas can change the world. (My online shop is coming soon – jump on this list to keep up to date)

Sustainability + Plastic-Free LivingMy greatest passion. Find all my tips, tricks and experiments for living lighter, from giving up shampoo to life without plastic. Also zero-waste living with children – is it possible? Let me be your guinea pig.

Communication – how to use writing to make your life and business at least 12 times better. From journalling to blogging to cultivating your voice or simply learning how to communicate better (with readers or loved ones).

Activism – how to use your voice to speak about things that matter in a way that people listen. This also includes juicy subjects like feminism, being disliked and unconventional and leading with love (even when you feel a big ol’ ball of rage in your belly!)

Slow Living + Self-careI’m a big-time believer for women (especially mums) banishing busy to devote time to their self, in all facets. Their self-care, self-expression, self-exploration and self-actualisation. All the selfs.  

Health + Happiness – Ah, self-help geeks unite. Let’s obsess over everything from minimalism, mindfulness, gratitude and working with yourself and nature.

Raising Rabble-Rousers I’m constantly torn between how to raise children that care about things that matter (the planet and people) and less about the wrong (fitting in). Also presence as a parent without the pressure of perfection.


Most of all…

I believe, wholeheartedly, that we are all conduits for change. That every action (taken or not) is a choice; a vote for the humans we are, the lives with live and the planet we share. And that our voices matter. So much. Now more than ever.

I’m constantly surprised by the amount of courage it takes to be a changemaker. We’re often made to feel that trying to create lives we love is not worth it or that we aren’t capable. That fighting the good fight, is not (as I would suggest) imperative to our humanity. That looking after each other is not a natural reflex and a part of who we are. It can feel lonely and exhausting and the temptation to drown oneself in salted caramel while watching Sex and the City reruns can be overwhelming.

But we’re not made like that you and I. We’re not the sort that can sit idly by. This website is my smoke signal to the others that want to live a meaningful life and help people and save the world and make cool stuff. And you know what’s wonderful? There’s a lot of us.

We are wayfinders and world-changers. We are movers, shakers and makers. We dream of creating more and consuming less. Of being who we are and doing what we love. Magic misfits. Rabble-rousing revolutionaries.  


Random Nuggets

  • The name “Emily” means industrious and striving. The only way that description could be more accurate was if you added “has broad shoulders and a penchant for macaroni cheese”.
  • Robin Williams is one of my biggest heroes and we are both ENFPs, Enneagram 7’s who occasionally struggled with mental illness despite an outwardly sunny disposition (I gets the anxiety). Which can only mean one thing… I must be a Genie.
  • I spend a stupid amount of time making, ranking, adjusting and critiquing my list of favorite movies. Currently topping the list are Ruby Sparks, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, Mona Lisa Smile and Moana (a recent addition that bumped Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day).
  • I’m currently saving and selling everything I can before cramming my family (2 adults, 1 four year old, a newborn and two farting dogs) into a caravan and travelling around Australia. Excited, scared and totally painting a garish mural on our rolling home.
  • Biggest inspirations: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Dallas Clayton, Sarah Wilson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Ken Robinson, Ellen Degeneres, Dr. Maya Angelou, Gramma Tala, Zoe Kazan, and (of course) Roald Dahl. Strong themes of brave creativity and world-changing weirdness.