Happy Clients


 “Em – I was seriously blown away by the brilliance of your words. Working with you I felt understood, encouraged & supported.  You are on the same wave length, you understand me and my audience – and you genuinely care.

You’re down-to-earth and have the best energy not to mention that you are just freaking amazing with words.”

Yvette Luciano – CEO of Soulpreneurs, Earth Events + Elemental Academy


“Ok now you just stop it right now and listen to me. Em, you are SO talented. This absolutely ROCKS, and all I’ve got right now is: THANK YOU.

You just saved me days, nailed our message, communicated it beautifully, + inspired ME more about everything we’re doing.

You tied everything that’s written on the other pages together wonderfully and I want to squeeeeeeeze you with all my gratitude.Thank you sweet heart.”

Tara Bliss, Author, Spiritual Practice Coach + Speaker  


“I knew all the stars aligned when I stumbled across your work, Emily. After a long search for my dream copywriter – with the right fit and the right feel – I was almost doing backflips when we finally crossed paths!

It was my first experience seeking out this kind of support in my business, and the investment has been worth every single dollar.

Thank you for making magic with my words – it felt so good to have someone understand me and my message so spot on. Working with you left my workload lighter and my message so much more refined. Loved your process of working together, every step of the way – can’t wait until our next creation!

Amy Landry –  Yoga Teacher + Ayurvedic Consultant


 “I loved working with Emily…so much so that as soon as she finished one project for me, I booked in another!

She captured my personality and voice perfectly and created exactly what I was looking for on my About page. It actually brought tears to my eyes to read the finished product.

I initially chose Em as my copywriter because of her rad sense of humour, her hilarious website, and her blindingly obvious talent at crafting awesome copy. And I couldn’t be more happy that I did.

Yolie Stephenson – Wellness Coach + Yoga Teacher 



“Two words come to mind when I think about the copy that Emily created for my website: Nailed. It.  

Somehow, she managed to jump into my head, capture the essence of my message and articulate it better than I ever could have. The whole process from start to finish of working together was an absolute joy. I felt totally taken care of and understood.

Her copy has completely taken my website to another level. Thank you, beautiful Em!”

Jessica Silsby – Emotional Eating Coach  


“Emily has such a wonderful energy.  She’s  open, positive, funny and authentic. From the moment we first connected, she understood my brand and what I was about.

I cannot thank Emily enough for her kindness, support and guidance.”

Kirsty McClelland – Nourished Rhythm Certified Life + Health Coach + Culinary Graduate  




“I was needing and looking for a copywriter for weeks, and always put off booking someone, looking back I believe it was because I was meant to work with you.

I choose to work with you because I LOVE your writing. There’s not many blogs I religiously read, but when I found yours I spent hours reading all of you old posts and actually get excited when you publish a new one.

I was absolutely blown away by the end result. Just everything. I loved getting your email updates (they always made me smile).

I got my first draft about 30 minutes before I had a client and had to stop reading it because it hit me so hard. It’s very powerful. I couldn’t believe how well you captured my story, and how I was feeling. It was so emotional reading it. It hit me hard, because it was so spot on. I immediately felt like you got it. You got me. And that is one incredible gift. You are amazing – I don’t know how I could possible thank you enough”.

Morgan Taggart – Life Coach  



“Emily Ehlers is my Spirit Animal. From the first minute on Skype, I knew her words would be the ones for me.

Em is warm, generous and freakin’ hilarious. What I loved most about the process was our collaboration, weaving our words seamlessly and with beautiful intention, back and forth until the point of utter perfection.

I can’t thank her enough for words that still make me a little teary, because they are so perfectly reflect my business and Me!”

Emma Newby – Some Wild Darling – Photographer, Coach + Creative 


“Emily rocks!!! Working with her I loved her authenticity, humour and (really smart!!) guidance! She has a prowess with words and easily translated my scattered ideas into the most delectable sentences. Added bonus: she gave me design guidelines.

#totallyrecommend if you want to take your website and brand to scintillating (might I add refreshing) heights.”

Candice Carlton – Yoga Teacher, Meditation Master + Miracle Maker



“Em’s the crazy-talented woman you need in your corner when you’ve got something on the tip of your tongue but you’re not quite sure what it is or how you should say it.

When you need to step out of your own overwhelmed head, and have someone else jump right in and make themselves at home when it comes to understanding your story and mission.When you need a hand locking down your fickle ideas and turning them into clear and solid messages that tell your tribe exactly what they need to know. When you need words that feel like you. Like home.

Someone who has the spirit to get their hands dirty and say (with an objective, but totally loving heart), “It might read better this way.” And of course, it does.

Even copywriters need copywriters — and Em helped me develop my biz website copy in a way that had me nodding my head and thinking, “Oh yep, this woman gets it.” She got me and she got my audience. And damn, she writes good.”

Jenna Fairbairn – Radiant Sprout – Copywriter + Wellness Advocate



“Letting someone help you write your message to the world can be scary. Are they going to understand you? Are they going to represent you well? Will they get the message you are trying to put out? With Emily the answer to these questions is yes.

From the first interaction I had with Emily I knew she was the right copywriter for me. We chatted on Skype and she made me feel super comfortable and had me in fits of laughter in no time.

One of the things I adore about Emily is she is so authentic and genuine and she makes the whole process smooth and fun. Emily really makes the journey feel like a collaboration and that we are a team which is exactly what you want with a copywriter.  We went back and forth until I had the words that were perfect for me.

I seriously can’t thank Emily enough and recommend her to absolutely everyone!!!”

Claire Shandley  



Ravishing Readers

rachel-macdonaldEm’s inimitable brand of ‘heart-on-the-sleeve’ wisdom will stir something in you. I know that for sure. Sipping on her words, you’ll feel understood, less alone, comforted and loved. Like you’re sitting down for a warm cup of chai with your bestie, musing on life and its magic one minute, then laughing at the madness of it all the next.

She’s that kind of woman. The REAL deal. Drink up.

Rachel MacDonald –


tara bliss

Have I told you lately how much I love your stuff?! I don’t think I have, so let it be said right here: your words make the web a better place.

Your sense of humour, your inquisitive spirit, the way you so gracefully dance between mother-like wisdom and child-like wonder – it’s just divine. And let’s not forget how masterfully you can string sentences together… you are a blogging joy, beautiful Emily.

Tara Bliss  –


aliceThere are three people for who, when they share a blog post in a newsletter or on Facebook, I will stop whatever it is I am doing  to read;  Marianne Williamson, Dannielle LaPorte and Em Ehlers (and she didn’t even pay me to say that).  Not only does Em’s writing sweep me into another world where it’s cool to be a little bit crazy, but she does so with such genuine warmth, authenticity and affection that it’s like we’ve been besties for ever.  Em has an uncanny ability to touch on areas that weigh on a woman’s mind with serious accuracy, and her advice is always A+.

Emily Ehlers is a radiant and deeply connected coach.  I was first drawn to her kind yet powerful writing and her open smile.

Once I got to know Emily, it became crystal clear that not only is she coming from a place of beautiful, compassionate and loving truth, but that she is one of a handful of coaches who will Listen (with a capital L) and not just believe she has the answer for you without first hearing your story, understanding your goals and then gently supporting you to the place you need to be.

Even from 3,400kms away I would book Emily in to be my coach in a heartbeat.  Regardless of where you’re based Emily may just be the missing connection you need to find to bring you home to yourself.

Alice Nicholls –



clairebakerEmily is one of the most caring, willing, brave-hearted spirits you’ll find.

Her blog is somewhere I turn to for words of wisdom, hilarious honesty and authentic, down-to-earth soul. She’s the real deal.

It’s been a pleasure watching Em illuminate the lives of so many women and create a wave of change online – and across Perth. It’s no surprise though, you can’t help but fall in love with her cheeky grin, intense passion and infectious spark!

Claire Baker  –


ameliaIf you’re looking for a cheerleader in your life who provides soul, honesty, laughter and a touch of motherly love – Emily Ehlers is your girl.  

Creative, captivating and illuminating with a hint of bare-foot, grounding love, everything Em does fills your heart with inspiration and confidence.

Emily deeply cares.  About her clients, her family, herself and the world around her. Her passion for sustainability, the planet and the people who live on it, make you really think about the impact you are having on the world and how you can live as kindly as you can – she’s definitely one of Mother Nature’s Earth Angels.  You know you’re in good hands with Em on your team.”

Amelia Williams –


rebeccawellerFunny, warm, kind, and ridiculously creative, Em’s the girl you wish lived next door so you could bake and paint and make floral crowns together all the time.

When it comes to her work – to following her passions with beautiful integrity – this gem is soulful, professional and magical.

I can get lost in Em’s writing for days – her posts practically sing with a heady combination of moving honesty and gorgeously cheeky sense of humour.  She’s so candid about her own experiences – so beautifully vulnerable, authentic, real, and utterly likeable – you feel like you can tell her anything. I’m so excited to see what Em creates and inspires next!

Rebecca Weller  – Sexy Sobriety + Vegan Sparkles


sarah greasleyEmily’s blog is like a breath of fresh air! Her zest for health and wellness envelopes her readers as she takes them on her hilarious, fun journey.

Emily has created a truly beautiful, warm and inspiring space that is SUCH a treat to visit. I find myself laughing, nodding and crying along as I devour her exquisite and authentic written word.

I have thoroughly loved following Emily’s journey over the past year and excitedly anticipate what she has in store for her readers and clients in the coming months!

Sarah Greasley  |  Occupational Therapist & Holistic Wellness Coach  |


laceyEmily is a beaming, relatable and hugely motivating woman. Through honesty, vulnerability and a smile that makes you feel totally wrapped in happiness, she will help you to uncover your best self.

Not only is she a dream to work with one-on-one, but she’s also a wonderful writer. In those quiet solo hours you can still tap into her world of insight and creativity through her inspiring, funny and heart-warming blog.

If you’re looking for someone to pick you up, dust you off and show you just how great you truly are – Emily is the one.

Lacey Haynes  |  Yoga Lifestyle Coach & Intuitive Healer |


juliegreenI’m a little tongue-tied trying to sum up why Emily Ehlers is one of my main woman-crushes right now. Perhaps I need to start at the beginning. I came across Emily Ehlers when she was Olive On Blonde and instantly fell head over heels with Emily, her blog, writing and philosophies. I

found something of an eco-conscious mama with a unique take on life, a tuned-in intuition, awesome curiosity, and someone I could have a heart-to-heart with by reading her blogs. She amazed me with her tips to make life better. She amazed me with her ability to help me through some of my darker moments, to gain clarity in many ways. I express my gratitude to her for that and more. Then came a transformation into Emily Ehlers – the Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I was so excited for the ride she was on and once again I fell head over heels with everything she wrote about and inspired me to be.

I love her take on life. I think she’s honest, kind-hearted and beautiful towards others in her writing. I’d like to describe her as the beautiful business woman, holistic lifestyle coach, writer, mother, productive-queen, and tree-hugger, you all need in your life! Thank you to Emily for being so great and for writing so beautifully.

It’s a treat to blog-know you and I can’t wait to hop along to one of your live chats or similar.You inspire me to be better, to be more productive, to accept myself, and honour my bliss, my loves and the earth. Thank you and I wish you the best kind of success and happiness. The world needs more people like Emily in it – the healers. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Julie Green  |  PR Assistant, Social Media Marketer & Artist  |

janehallisleyEmily is one gorgeous soul, her online presence is just divine.  She is warm and witty, honest and compassionate and just super relatable.  It’s all these things that keep me coming back for more!  

As a mother myself, its her frankness to tell it like it is, that is a breath of fresh air!  She is also one talented artist, her drawings are heavenly and speak right to your heart! What is there not to love!

Jane Hallisley  |  Blogger  |


alisonsmithI first discovered Emily through her blog, Olive on Blonde. I was immediately drawn to her positive and passionate attitude toward health and happiness, and before I knew it, I became a regular reader.

I love how Emily invites us into her beautiful, inspired, Australian world, surrounded by gorgeous food, loving family, and a mission to promote a life lived with consciousness for our body, mind, and spirit.

Alison Smith  |  Health Mentor & Neuroscientist  |


jasmine matthewsEmily is a writer who goes against the grain when it comes to the Health Coach masses. Her honesty is ridiculously refreshing, and her humour makes me giggle at every post. With divine recipes, toe dips into soul searching, and practical tips for sustainable and kind living, her blog is well worth a bookmark.

Emily writes things exactly as they are, not as they look through a filtered lens of “perfectionism”. She gets that people are busy, that they fall off the wagon, and that they are just trying to be the best person they can be. Just like her.

I think Emily would be the kind of coach that would make you feel loved, feel safe, and allow for you to be so honest and vulnerable, which is vital when it comes to change.

Jasmine Matthews  –


I’m just writing to say thank you for all of the gifts you’ve given me since I first stumbled across your blog last year.   From recipes and ideas to your infectious positivity, your hard work and passion have been a shining light for me.  

You make me want to be a better person, wife and mother, and you also offer help so I can achieve it! Your workbook is a gorgeous tool, so well thought out and executed!  

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, and for giving so much of yourself.  I’m so excited to see what this year brings for all of us! – Dani


I just wanted to say that you have been a huge part of my motivation to improve my diet and living! I loved your article about getting back on the horse!! I think you’re doing an incredible job and I admire your commitment to improving yours and others lives…I wonder how you find the time when I barely have time to hang the washing out!! – Kim


I’ve been following your blog for ages now, I really love how full of love and happiness you seem. It’s really inspiring! – Emma