I Know That You’re Busy But You Need To Read This…


Tell me… how many times have you heard the following line;

We need to stop the glorification of busy

Maybe you have heard it on this here blog. Other wellness blogs. News sites, science journals, your fave magazine, Oprah. This phrase (and the philosophy behind it) is everywhere. And it’s close to my heart which is why I was so surprised the other day when it made me feel, well… kinda triggered. A little testy.

The biggest gripe that the Busy Brigade have is that whenever you seem to ask someone how they are they reply with “busy”. When I saw it on a blog the other day I cracked.

Adult Tantrum Mode: Engaged.

Listen lady, I thought, It just so happens that I am bloody busy. I am a mama. I work. I go to the gym. I cook. I clean. I feel like Mrs Damn Doubtfire most days. And It is after all an adjective. Look it up. Oxford Dictionary. Busy (noun); having a great deal to do. BIZ-ZAY.

I may have even clicked my fingers either side of my face and said mmm hmm.

Once I calmed down my feisty little ego, I honed in on the thoughts that were behind it. I have always been a dynamic gal and I am proud of my life that is filled to the brim. In my mind busy is not necessarily a bad thing. My schedule is full (aka busy) but that does not mean that I never stop. I mean – even my slow time  – like my morning beach walk which is bliss on steroids – is scheduled.

But then it hit me.

Contrary to common sense, busy and slow are not mutually exclusive.

The thought that you have to be one or the other is dangerous and I believe it is why a lot of women are rejecting “slow”. It’s not because of the glorification of busy – its the misinterpretation of slow. Good news honey bun… you don’t need to quit your job, grab the wacky tabacky and live in a commune to enjoy a slower pace.

Slow is not inefficient.

Slow is not lazy.

It is not unproductive.

Quite the opposite.

Slow is intentional.

It is strong, steady and sure.

It is focused.

Slowing down is not about the tempo of your schedule – it is about the tempo of your mind. The tempo of your breath. The tempo of your heartbeat. [Click here to tweet this]

And sure when you embrace this slow movement the tempo of your schedule may indeed change and your priorities may force a few things off the cliff but its up to the woman entirely.

Bill Gates famously said that “most people overestimate what they can do in one day and underestimate what they can do in a lifetime”. Preach, Billy Boy.

So today my dream for you is to concentrate on how fast your world is whizzing past you and grab onto it and slow it down.

Here are some instant ways you can slow down (and feel better) today. (I’ve also linked to some of my articles that I’ve written about).

  • Take 3 deep breaths. Breathe in for 4 counts. Hold for 7. Exhale for 8.
  • Put your phone down
  • Stop multitasking – don’t have multiple tabs open on your computer for example
  • Don’t speed in your car
  • Only check emails once today
  • Diffuse some calming essential oils – I use doTERRA balance, lavender or serenity
  • Be present in conversations
  • Go outside
  • Walk
  • Stretch. Right now in your chair – arms out to the side, hands up turned, lean back and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Ahh.
  • Choose 3 things to achieve today. That’s it. 3.
  • Ask for help – an hour of babysitting, your partner to cook dinner for you, a massage. Whatever you need, right now.
  • Squeeze your fave people extra tight for an instant pick me up
  • Say I love you more
  • Wonder at the “little things” like clouds and dandelions
  • Taste your food. Really taste it. Try describe the flavour.
  • Be present

Don’t let your life whizz past you – watch it intently. It’s a bloody good show.

P.S. Next up I have a post about 3 simple action steps I’ve used that has revolutionised my life and made the Slow-Busy Rumba far smoother. Make sure you jump on my newsletter list below so you don’t miss it! x

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this busy/slow dilemma. Hit me up in the comments…

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