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Are you feeling it?

You know, that modern-day way of needing to be all things, to all people, at all times.

That unquenchable urge to aim higher, strive harder and do more, more, more – even when your tank is on empty.

The feeling of being pulled in every direction.


It is constantly contactable. It is a never-ending-ever-growing to do list. It is lots of ideas but only a little time. It is the fear that you’re trailing behind the pack.

It is your gorgeous child that just wants you to sit and watch the world go by, but not understanding that you have to get dinner on and feed the dogs and lose some weight and post on Instagram and start a podcast and bake a souffle and blog and study and earn and oh my, will someone get me a vat of wine to soothe my soul because I FEEL LIKE I’M DROWNING!!!

Yep, it can be pretty overwhelming.

I’ve felt it too.

I am here to tell you – to show you – that there is a different way.

A way that is energising rather than exhausting. That can make ambition fun again. That can put the joy back in your relationships. That will reignite your creativity, productivity and playfulness.

Basically – this is the loving kick in the bum that you need to put yourself first (hello boundaries, see ya later people-pleasing) – because when you look after yourself, everyone wins.


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 Cruisy: The Road Less Frazzled is a roadmap that will help you find flow, feel well and learn how to strive without all the stress. It makes presence practical, mindfulness magical and (like any good road trip) will make you laugh along the way.

This is the ultimate guide to help you feel like yourself again. To inspire you to tweak a few small things in your life, but see big results. To get back in touch with what you actually value and drive towards your dreams without burning out.


Your Investment: $22

BONUS; When you purchase the eBook you will also receive a FREE copy of the Cruisy Manifesto (a stunning poster to keep you inspired) PLUS an audio file of the Perfect Day Guided Visualisation, to help navigate you towards a life that looks and feels the way you want it to. 




“Cruisy whisks you off to a world of lighthearted colour and joy that is absolutely bursting with stories, tips and tricks for a less frazzled life. Em’s magical and hilarious way with words, makes you feel like you have a bubbly bestie holding your hand as you strip back stress and find more fun” – Amelia Harvey


Cruisy is the antidote to a stress-ridden world. Filled with super practical tips that you’ll be able to implement in your life right away, this book will be a game changer for those feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied.

Em’s tribe know and love – and have come to expect! – her juicy stories and witty hilariousness and this book is no exception: she’s brought the goods people. Enjoy it! –Claire Baker


“In typical Em-style, Cruisy is hilarious, heartfelt and a little (okay A LOT) fabulous. Walking through overwhelm can be, well, overwhelming, but Em shows you how to do it with a little grace, humour and love – it’s pretty special.

Visually gorgeous with many, many practical gems to get you thinking (or remembering) how beautiful life can be when – in the words of Em herself – you live like a Disney Princess and let it go!  Stressed + overwhelmed? Want more life + less frazzle? Seriously, get Cruisy in your life, PRONTO! What cho’ waiting for!” – Emma Newby




Cruisy - Cover - iPad[/left][right]

Oh, the places you’ll go!

+ Cruisy is a modern day mindfulness manifesto for big dreamers in a busy world. It’s not only an ode to a holiday that changed the way I lived, but also your roadmap to come on the same adventure (without having to pay for any fuel!). It’s a little bit story, a lot practical, contains a heap of facts and opinions and, for some reason, an inordinate amount of metaphors involving salted caramel

+ Your adventure is broken down into three parts – rest, recharge + reignite. You’ll learn how to go slow, be mindful, create structure, get well, love deep, grow young, and explore your purpose – all while living in a busy modern day world.

+ To be used like any other map – Cruisy is a source to constantly refer to for recalibration and realignment. Your might use it over the course of a few months. You might use it as a guide for a weekend of rejuvenation. It’s mindfulness on a micro and macro level.

+ It’s the anti-hustle guide to productivity, health + happiness. There are worksheets, journal prompts, exercises and experiments to try out in your everyday (not to mention a few postcards from me!).

+ Oh, and there is colour. And summery vibes. And stunning quote pages that will light you up your screen and your soul. This eBook is exquisitely designed and will feel like a holiday in itself. [/right]


Cruisy is like having a chat with your best friend. Your words are infused with wisdom, and your enthusiasm just leaps off the page. Book me a ticket and point me in the direction of the road less frazzled: I’ll have what she’s having! 

Thank you so very much for the generous gifting of your book, Em. Already I’m nodding and making plans to implement these GOLD strategies in my life” – Kirstie Fitzgerald
As someone who often finds herself frazzled by daily life, who routinely puts making nutrititious food + exercising on the back-burner when up to my eyeballs in work, and who can be a little too serious at times; Cruisy is pretty much my miracle medicine.  
It guided me to notice where I can make choices in life to be calmer, simplify and focus more on what matters. Plus, this book is FUN. Emily writes in such a way that you’re smiling at least once on every page, with a few hilarious LOLs thrown in too. It’s smart advice that feels like fab girlfriends chatting in hammocks on holiday. What more could you want from a book?” – Alana Wimmer


This is the book I wish I had all those years I was filling everyone else’s cup, when mine was bone dry.

I have “done burnout” (a couple of times) and hyperventilated my way through 8 years of generalised anxiety disorder – and some hospital visits to boot. Me and stress? We go way back. Stress, anxiety and overwhelm used to tip my life upside down. This eBook is the roadmap I used to turn everything right side up again.

Since putting my self-care back on the top of the pile I launched (and now run) a successful copywriting business, created stronger relationships, moved into my dream home and put fun back on the map. Oh, and I wrote an eBook about it too. These strategies work. They changed my life.

This book is for the ambitious creatures that are brave enough to go for the life they want… but that may need to tweak their game plan.

The seekers and the strivers.

The type-A’s looking for a plan B.



[left]What you’ll learn along the way

  • How to get real on your relationship with time + learn the secret to doing less but getting more done.
  • Tips and tricks to simplify everything from your wardrobe to your thoughts.
  • Learn what stress is doing to your bod, and how to get your glow back (sorting out the weight gain and the grumpiness in the process!).
  • 5 meditations in under 5 minutes – that’ll even work for the people that “can’t do meditation!”
  • Crack the code to make good habits easier and resolutions stickier.
  • Ways to unplug, create joy-soaked relationships and become a day-making conversationalist again!
  • How to find “the thread” that will uncover your purpose. 


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Don’t you think it’s time to put yourself first again? 

This year take the road less frazzled… get cruisy.


Your Investment: $22


BONUS; When you purchase the eBook you will also receive a FREE copy of the Cruisy Manifesto (a stunning poster to keep you inspired) PLUS an audio file of the Perfect Day Guided Visualisation, to help navigate you towards a life that looks and feels the way you want it to. 


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