A Full Moon Releasing Ritual (let’s get a little woo woo shall we?)

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Recently a concerned friend attempted an intervention.

Not one to mince words “Em…” she said, “I think you are getting a bit weird“.

She was possibly talking about my new and seemingly oh-so cliche’ hobby of collecting crystals. Or maybe it was the meditating in public (ZOMG) or delving into my own spirituality perhaps? In fact – after some probing – it was more to do with my recent obsession with the moon, how it affects us and how we, in turn, can work with it.

Her concerns were voiced with love of course and faux-concern but the truth is: I swear, I can discuss most celebrity trash mags like a literary scholar and I am the diametric opposite of ‘serene’. To her this witchy-poo stuff just didn’t fit. Where was the tie-dye, the dreadlocks and the velvet corset dress with the funny jagged sleeves? Not to mention the fact that it is just plain odd. It’s not. And here’s the fun bit – you don’t need to be “new agey” to benefit from this stuff. And you certainly don’t need to fit a certain psychographic to be interested in it.

Anyway, back to the moon…

The pie in the sky and it’s lunar cycle ain’t just mumbo jumbo. It can move oceans. An obvious point yes, but the moon is what decides our tides. Would it not be slightly arrogant to think that if it can effect the largest body of water on the planet so dramatically that maybe just maybe it has an effect on us too? We are after all little droplets in that ocean and 65% water mind you! Whenever you buy biodynamic produce it isn’t just about organic practices – those veggies are grown by a lunar calendar; harnessing the power of the moon if you will. If it’s importance is still a bit flimsy to you I suggest journalling and comparing your emotions to the lunar profiles or (for the ladies) try recording your menstrual cycle by the lunar periods and just see if any coincidences pop up. That’s how my interest was piqued – I was literally trying to disprove all this ‘moon talk’ that I saw online. I didn’t and I was hooked.

What is it about the full moon?

So today I want to come out of the weirdo-closet on the blog by having a chat about the Full Moon and it’s power to help you release that which is mentally, physically or spiritually holding you back. A lot of people I have been speaking with over this past week have been feeling tension building which is typical in the lead up to a full moon. The energy of a full moon is strong – almost explosive – and can manifest as feelings of overwhelm (hands up for me this month!) or it could be a raging fire in your belly like no other.

But in addition to all this flame and explosion I refer to at the heart of it, it is a time to reconnect with yourself. Someone who was more comfortable in using the word ‘goddess’ without squirming would say that it is time to connect with your divine feminine. You see, the full moon is all about things coming to a conclusion. It is the time to really zone in on that that isn’t working for you and being a self-loving badass and getting rid of it.  Taking a stand. Purging what doesn’t serve you; be it an addiction, a toxic relationship, negative self-talk, bad behavior or clunky processes. It’s like you are just adjusting the sails slightly so your new course can flow smoothly.

If you want to go deeper – one of my favorite bloggers, Gala Darling, wrote a fab article about Magical Thinking explaining each of the moons cycles and how to live your life by them.



If you are curious as to what dates the full moon, new moon and everything in between actually fall you can just google it. Or you can pre-order yourself one of these gorgeous Cosmic Collective 2015 Moon Energy Calendars from the bursting-with-talent collaboration between Fifth Element and Maps to Herself. I am not an affiliate I just flippin’ love the look of it and can’t wait to get my mits on one.

A Releasing Ritual

Last week I directed one of my clients to my ebook to something I wrote about a releasing ceremony (which you can do out of sync with the lunar cycle – a full moon just supercharges it). Here’s the email I got the next day;

I did the release thing. I think my neighbours must of thought i was having some sort of burning ceremony there was lots of smoke (a lot of pieces of paper i wrote on) but i legitimately felt a weight lift off my shoulders, and any time I have reverted back to these feelings i’m like “you have burnt them and let go of them!“. So a big thanks for recommending that!

She has now been recommending it to all her friends – who I am sure are giving her the same look my dear friend did me as she sat me down to tell me I was peculiar. 

The releasing ritual is really a celebration of your stepping out of your old skin. Being reborn into a new attitude or behavior. It’s a transformation.

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What you need

  • Pen and Paper
  • Empty bowl
  • Candles or at least matches
  • A quiet place or moment
  • *A bestie or group of them to share the moment (totally optional)
  • *Bowl of water (optional – read below)

What to do

Get into a relaxing space where you feel completely comfortable and safe. It could be outside under the moon. You might like to light some candles, burn some oil or just put on some soft music. Put nice cushions on the floor. Whatever makes you feel feminine and special. Use this as your time to get indulgent – go on, crack open the expensive soy candle that you have been waiting for the right moment to use! 

Do a mini-meditation. Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel what it is that you need to release. You don’t need to deliberate and design this – just let it come to you. If you have troubles just think about your intention for the release. Do you want to release bad behavior? A relationship? Write it down.

Get it down on paper. Write out every thing that comes to mind that you want to release. Justify why it is important to do so in the following format “I release x because (wh)y. Below is an example;

I release… judging myself by the number on the scales.

Because… it has nothing to do with my worth as a person and makes me feel sad every time I do it. I am better than that.

Marinade in it for a while. As I said in a post this week (over here) feeling icky can be our intuition giving us homework. Don’t feel embarrassed about these feelings – they have served a purpose by highlighting where you need to grow. Consider them growing pains. Read them, sit with them, get inside them. Really understand why it is you have those feelings and what you want to change. If you are with friends you may want to take your turn sharing. This in itself can be healing as you hear that – shock horror – you aren’t alone in your weirdness, struggles and insecurities.

RELEASE. Now – the good bit. Fold up your paper and light it by the candle. Sit there and watch it flicker and crackle before it gets all dusty. The flame represents a purification by burning the old away. If you want to go further into it you can place your hands in a bowl of water to symbolise the cleansing away and the new.

Celebrate. Now that you have said goodbye to what is outdated you can now mark the occasion with some sort of self-love ritual. Whether it is sitting with your girlfriends and just chatting or it’s making yourself a beautiful cup of tea. You might like to write about what you are feeling in your journal or have a big long bath (if you have a bath in your home… I would have to sit in the little square recess of my shower dammit). Whatever you do, enjoy it.

That’s it. As I wrote in my ebook the first time I was coerced into a releasing ritual I eyed the exit. By the end I was addicted. Give it a try and see what magic it brings into your life.

Have you experimented with rituals and self love before? Liking this subject and want to hear more? I would love to hear about it in the comments…


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