Gorgeous Green Gazpacho

I don’t know where you are in the world but I can tell you where I am. I am in Perth and it is HOT. In fact… most places in Australia are on the ‘warm’ side right now. We are about to go into our third day of over 38C (100F) heat. We even got up to 44C (111F) – say whaaaa? But I’m not complaining. It is summer in Western Australia after all – the stuff dreams are made of.

Here’s a little picture of me and Boogie down south for any one needing extra bait to visit here any time soon.

IMG_8548Anyway, back to the point.

On days like these soup is probably the last thing on your mind. That is until you meet this Gorgeous Green Gazpacho. The beauty of this raw soup (which is served chilled) is that it is packed full of hydrating vegetables to plump your skin and help you ride through the day.

I have never gone a bundle on the concept of cold soup but I tried this recently as one of the recipe contributors to my gorgeous friend Jasmine from Simply Replenished as part of her Summer Cleanse Detox Plans. I was pleasantly surprised. And the best part was that this took all of 5 minutes to whizz up.

The recipe is below with my new printable format – super easy for you to rip these recipes off to keep in your favourites folder. (But please print it onto scrap paper!)

Gorgeous Green Gazpacho

Gorgeous Green Gazpacho (Raw Soup)
Recipe Type: Soup
Cuisine: Vegan; Raw; Gluten, Grain, Sugar Free
Author: www.emilyehlers.com.au
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4
A refreshing cold soup that you can whip up in a jiffy on a hot summers day.
  • 1 avocado
  • 2 green apples, peeled
  • ½ cucumber
  • 1T onion
  • ¼C mint leaves
  • 1T parsley
  • A handful of baby spinach
  • 2T Olive Oil
  • 2C filtered water
  • Chilli flakes
  1. Roughly chop all vegetables
  2. Blend thoroughly
  3. Serve immediately.
  4. Garnish with chilli flakes and a swirl of olive oil.

 TELL ME: How are you staying cool this summer? What is your favorite meal to keep you hydrated? Meet me in the comments.

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