New Directions, Authenticity And Why I Quit Health Coaching [video]

cheers youtube video emily ehlersHaving a blog is a truly wonderful thing but occasionally, when life gets awkward, it can feel a little like you are going through puberty a second time.You know, because the first time wasn’t uncomfortable enough. Boy, these past two years have definitely felt like a renaissance into that pimply, hormonal stage of my life. Except with slightly less hair mascara and (hopefully) better dress sense.

But – as with puberty – all these growing pains have been directly related to my development and furthering as a human. I’ve learnt a lot and not just about periods this time. 

The timing of this immersion back into self-discovery is hardly surprising; just over 2 years ago I also became a mother. I should have known that this was going to hurl me back into the land of the unsure. Trying to redefine myself in this new skin and to emerge triumphant as my best self. [/left][right]

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh


However you don’t exactly get a road map while looking for that best self of yours. Not only that but you are guaranteed a few detours, the odd traffic jam and maybe a bingle or two. When I finally arrived at the destination it looked completely different to what I was expecting.  And I liked it so much that I’ve decided to park my car and set up camp.

Life feels really good here. You know those people that quit work in the big smoke to go live on a farm with a goat and a few sheep? That. That’s exactly how I am feeling.

I have a whole new career, a new focus and a new handle on my own boundaries. I am a more present mum, a more spontaneous wife, a better listening daughter, a more reliable friend and a more successful entrepreneur. Yes, shit still happens and things go wrong but I am better equipped to deal with them not to mention more accepting to the reality that life is bumpy. Basically, I am just really happy.

I haven’t quite found the words for it all yet but I will definitely be sharing what i’ve learnt along the way – and what a back catalogue?! Believe me, you will be getting my thoughts on all sorts of things from surrender, flow, weight loss, balancing motherhood with work, my definition of balance, finding your purpose, the humble calorie and then above all – being yourself. Proudly. Bravely. Goofily if that’s your thing. (psst… it’s mine).

Before all that looking back though, I want to look forward first. Have a little chat about what you can expect around these parts and explain how I got here and why I am no longer health coaching (and am healthier for it). An overview of what I will be putting into the world and hopefully how I can make yours a little brighter.

I also made the decision that this year would be the year that I step into the realm of videos. I love videos because whenever I watch them I instantly feel like I know the person behind them better. Which is also why I keep watching Adam Levine videos. So please enjoy the vid and the weird little dance my accent seems to do between Kate Winslet and Steve Irwin.

Click the image below to check it out…


Thank you so much for watching my very first vid. Would love to hear what you thought below…

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  • Em, thank you! Love and really respect your honesty and humour – just perfect timing for me right now in my wee muddled cross road world – full time mummy, what’s next, greatly in need of me time/care of self etc etc! Your vid made me smile and gave me a golly good nudge back on track. Big hugs xx

  • Oh my word! I always put a funny voice on when I say ‘abundance’ too! (I thought it was just me!)

    You are my new hero(ine)! Thank you so much for this, beautiful, and hats off to you for expressing what you’re feeling so courageously (you’re not the only one feeling like this!)!

    Love, Katie xxx
    Katie – Conquering Fear Spiritually recently posted…The End of Woo WooMy Profile

  • Absolutely loved that!!! Such beautiful words. I’m still navigating my way through the health and wellness industry trying to find exactly where I feel comfortable and ME! Authenticity really is the key! Can’t wait for your next vid! Sending big hugs from the UK
    Alexandra xx

  • After watching your video this morning I felt a huge sense of relief wash over me and a story that I had been carrying for about a year just lifted straight away.
    I trained as a yoga teacher last Feb/March and although I thought that was what I was going to do full time it just didnt work out as I hoped. I got a new job, had lots of family commitments and then left that job and hunted for a new one…which I am now in. I’ve beaten myself up about this all for about a year as my ego pipped up telling me that I was a failure for not doing what I thought I should be.
    All this was going on and I ignored the fact that although I may not be teaching yoga to the masses, I still practice myself, I still teach a few friends and I meditate mostly daily. My life has been transformed. Your video and the bravery that you exhibited and breathed throughout it, made me realise that its OKAY to follow what feels right and to shed the inauthentic parts of myself that I have let control me. I haven’t written my blog as much in the last year as it didn’t feel right but today I feel inspired to start writing a post that explains where I am RIGHT NOW and where I want to explore next.

    So, after all that babbling on, I just want to say THANK YOU AGAIN for being you and for showing up on my facebook feed today.

    Love and Light, Namaste x
    Nicola recently posted…My plans for Hump-day eveningMy Profile

  • You, my beautiful friend, are just beyond gorgeous. I LOVED hearing your voice, and loved every single second of this video, and your journey.
    You are divine.
    Love you endlessly. xx

    ps. As the Mum of a 3 year old boy, the words “poo” and “fart” are used at least once every six seconds or so around these parts. Bring it on! 😉
    pps. Can I please kidnap you and Claire yet?!
    ppps. Girls trip one day? I think so!
    Amelia Williams recently posted…Are you holding back from being authentically you?My Profile

  • Fooook this was so inspiring Em! (Pardon my French!) I’ve been playing with a mini-rebrand of my own recently and there have been so many detours and doubts. Heck, every time I finish writing my about page I return to it the next day scowling. I so want to talk about purpose and soulful stuff but the word spirituality gives me the heebie-jeebies and I always find myself adding some kind of caveat to ensure people know that I don’t don a turban or or chant and sway (that often!). A blank slate was just what I needed – so bloody liberating!
    Personally, I find poo jokes hilarious and references to Tinder are such appreciated so your ‘chaos’ looks brilliant to me x
    Fran recently posted…Pistachio and Mint Pesto Crusted SalmonMy Profile

    • I love the deployment of “fook”. 🙂

      Liberating is the word. Pour yourself a glass of champagne and write like you talk lady (because it is hilarious!) 🙂 Can’t wait to read x

  • Yay!!!!! Oh my gosh. About bloody time someone stepped up to shine a light on *true* authenticity. Bravo, Em. You’re the real deal and I have no doubt that this video & blog post will inspire many other ladies in this arena, similarly. :))

    Keep playing & showing us the real you. (Please… we need you to!)


  • Champagne, Erections, messy paint! Now you’re talking.

    Wonderful video and what a powerful and heartfelt message.

    Emily, I love how at the start of the video you use the word authenticity and how it’s such a ‘buzzword’ and yet I love just how authentic you really are throughout this video. You can see the emotion bubbling up in you as you speak, and that shows just how real and honest you are being in delivering this message. Bloody brilliant.

    Congrats on the new direction with your business and for saying goodbye to filters and hello to more champagne!

    You are wonderful.

    Nicole x

    P.S. I absolutely adore your newsletter enticement: ‘ the only thing better than my newsletter is Ryan Gosling…Shirtless…Dipped in salted caramel carrying a puppy..”

    Priceless and best ever opt-in enticement Made my day!
    Nicole Perhne | Lifestyle Design Coach + Writer recently posted…DARING AND DISRUPTIVE: WHY IT’S OK TO CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUOMy Profile

  • Em…

    I literally clapped reading this and watching your video…& I really don’t even like the word ‘literally’ but I needed it just now to let you know that I actually, physically clapped my hands for you 🙂 The clapping happened when you said that you had deleted everything – I could tell you really had, not just from a page!

    I love your ridiculous goodness, honesty and loveliness 🙂

    Plus, I totally needed that right then…I was standing in the shower, wondering why I crap myself (not literally this time) about presenting exactly myself online, and why I try to please others in a way that is not really ‘me’…and why the hell I don’t write more…when it’s what I just love to do! Why do we do all that?

    You have just sneakily planted some little seeds in my head (figuratively 🙂 )

    And hells yeh….PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! Good move 🙂

    Thank You Gorgeous Girl!

    Kerry x

    • Physical hand clapping makes me very happy. Literal shower crapping does not (that made me laugh out loud!)

      I am so stoked that you loved it. PLAY is the bomb xxx