If you want to create positive change in the world and your wallet?

Then your copy needs to SING.


Let me write it for you. 


I can help you: 

+ Craft compelling, captivating copy that connects and converts one-time readers into raving fans

+ Cut through the online noise and get your message heard – loud and clear. 

+ Attract your ideal client by creating an authentic brand, that sounds like you (no cliches). 

+ Inject fun, freshness and all those good feels into your copy. 

All my clients have one thing in common… they want to make the world better somehow. I’m guessing you’re the same? You don’t strike me as the puppy-kicking type. 

You’ve got that magic about you. You want to find meaning in your life, make money doing what you love, and create a movement in the process.

But you’re struggling to find the flow in your words because “selling” can feel icky. It doesn’t have to. You’re offering real value to the world – a service or a something that people need. I dig that. Your customer will too. You just need to find the right words to say it.
Which is where I come in. But first…



3 truthbombs all change-makers need to hear…

#1 You need to stand out

Let’s face it – you’re not a vocational snowflake. Yep, there are plenty of coaches, creatives, and even (*gasp*) copywriters that offer the same services.

If you want to be remarkable, you need to figure out how to say the same thing in a different way. Your way.

#2 You need to make money

A starving artist (or activist!) is no help to anyone. At least not long-term.

Altruism is awesome but if you want to make a long-lasting positive impact and create a life doing what you love, then you need to make #cashmoney.  

#3 You need to be you

Contrary to my first point, simply “standing out” isn’t enough. The streaker at the footy gets plenty of attention but that doesn’t mean I’d invite him for coffee!

The quickest, easiest and most fun way to build trust with your audience, is simply sounding like you.

Good copywriting does all that and a bag of potato chips!


Too many people confuse copywriting with creative writing (and lose customers in the process!). Copywriting is the art of inspiring action. Sure creativity helps, but there is a science and a certain somethin’ somethin’ to writing in a way that makes people want to mobilise. Whether it’s signing up to your service, purchasing your product or going goo-goo over your mission; your message needs the right mix of marketing, magic and moxie. I would love to be the wordsmith that helps you.



Em – I was seriously blown away by the brilliance of your words. Working with you I felt understood, encouraged & supported. You are on the same wavelength, you understand me and my audience – and you genuinely care. You’re down-to-earth and have the best energy not to mention that you are just freaking amazing with words.”

Yvette Luciano – CEO of Soulpreneurs, Earth Events + Elemental Academy  


Ok now you just stop it right now and listen to me. Em, you are SO talented. This absolutely ROCKS, and all I’ve got right now is: THANK YOU. You just saved me days, nailed our message, communicated it beautifully, + inspired ME more about everything we’re doing. You tied everything that’s written on the other pages together wonderfully and I want to squeeeeeeeze you with all my gratitude.Thank you sweet heart.

Tara Bliss – Author, Spiritual Practice Coach + Speaker 



A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Emily Ehlers – freedom fighter, copywriter and storyteller. I believe – wholeheartedly – in the power of words and ideas to change the world. I specialise in authentic branding through storytelling and a playful approach to prose.  

I love nothing more than working with engaging, inspiring humans and helping them get their message out into the world. It needs to be heard.

I specialise in the wellness, personal development, creative and not-for-profit industries. It’s where my passion, experience and enthusiasm lies, and I’m proud to have worked with best-selling authors, TV personalities, booked-out coaches, designers and even a real-life princess.  

You can see plenty of happy client testimonials here or you can keep reading my rap sheet below.



My Experience + Expertise

(does not include the year I spent working on that mushroom farm)

Health + Wellness

I’m a certified health and life coach who qualified from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I’m well-versed in dietary theories and trends (I’m down with oil-pulling, tongue scrapin’ and meditatin’).

Self-Help Nerd

I know my Rumi from my Rupi. My Chopra from my Oprah. My… look, you get the gist! We speak the same language. I understand the magical mindset of personal growth.

Design experience

I’ve studied graphic design and have been working on the backend of websites for nearly 8 years (like the one you’re looking at now!). I know how greatly layout affects copy and always provide design suggestions that’ll literally draw a reader down the page.

Online Old-Hat

I’ve been blogging for almost a decade and running an online business for four years. I know what it’s like to wear a million hats, the very specific hell that is “Launch Fatigue” and, the Everest-style endurance it takes to make it online.

Practicing Activist
I’m passionate about social enterprise, sustainability and giving back (see my own philanthropic policy here). Proud moment: I was Social Media Manager for a grassroots campaign that saw single-use plastic bags banned in my local city (only the second time ever to happen in Australia!).


.Oh… and I love writing more than I love camembert.

That says a lot.



Where conscious branding meets clever communication




I knew all the stars aligned when I stumbled across your work, Emily. After a long search for my dream copywriter – with the right fit and the right feel – I was almost doing backflips when we finally crossed paths! It was my first experience seeking out this kind of support in my business, and the investment has been worth every single dollar. Thank you for making magic with my words – it felt so good to have someone understand me and my message so spot on. Working with you left my workload lighter and my message so much more refined. Loved your process of working together, every step of the way – can’t wait until our next creation!”

Amy Landry – Yoga Teacher + Ayurvedic Consultant 


Two words come to mind when I think about the copy that Emily created for my website: Nailed. It. Somehow, she managed to jump into my head, capture the essence of my message and articulate it better than I ever could have. The whole process from start to finish of working together was an absolute joy. I felt totally taken care of and understood. Her copy has completely taken my website to another level. Thank you, beautiful Em!”

Jess Silsby – Emotional Eating Coach 


How it works

Step 1: You enquire. (Thank you)

You either contact me here or send an email directly to telling me all about your exciting project and your timeline. (Psst – I have a waiting list so it’s best to try get in at least a couple of months before commencement!).

Step 2: We chat.

Because copywriters are like bra’s (we gotta fit well!) we’ll meet on Skype or phone. I’ll tell you a bit about my process and you can ask any questions. 

Step 3: We make it official.

I get you a quote and, if you accept, we sort out contracts, questionnaires and payment and then book an official start date. Locked and loaded baby, yeah. 

Step 4: Em goes all James Bond on yo ass.

This is where I become the expert on you. We have an in-depth consultation and I get to work researching your existing profile, website (if applicable) and industry. Then the fun begins.

Step 5: The Write Time.

While you sun yourself on a beach in the Bahamas, I work like a mad word scientist crafting your copy. I’ll weave in any half-sentences you’ve had lying around and I capture your vision on paper, before zinging it back to you.

Step 6: We play tennis. 

From there I get you your first draft which you look over and provide me with all your feedback. We then repeat this process until you are utterly in love with your copy.

Step 7: We celebrate. 

Then it’s celebration time, baby. You tell me when you’re website/product/tattoo is finished and we all live happily ever after. Creative collaboration – it’s the thing that makes my eyes twinkle. 



As I provide on a whooole range of packages I won’t provide the rates for every single option. However, I’ve provided a short list of some standard prices, to give you an idea.

The Minnow - 1 Page

Your Investment: $349 AUD

The Herring - 2 Pages

Your Investment: $499 AUD

The Barracuda - 3 Pages

Your Investment: $647 AUD

The Sunfish - Entire Website

Your Investment: $1499


If you want to create change (and cash) your copy needs to connect, convert and compel eee’ryone that reads it!